Summer Program

The ColdRush Summer Program

The go to summer training for the DMV’s most dedicated hockey players since 1994!

The ColdRush Summer Program is Wendy Marco’s iconic signature instruction!  Targeted level group hockey skating & skill training that is infamously technically & physically challenging.  Weekly sessions are offered at both the Kettler Capitals IcePlex and Ashburn Ice House to all levels of team players, from mites to pros.

The ColdRush Summer Program has earned such a stellar reputation that even Washington’s professional players make it part of their regular summer training routine!

The 2017 Summer Program …

Skaters may mix and match their classes to personalize their ColdRush summer program experience! Skate all summer. Skate just enough to keep the rust off. Skate once a week. Skate three times a week. Take skating. Take skills. Take both! Drop in for some immersion classes and do some in-depth work on the skills that matter most to you. It’s YOUR summer training, YOU do YOU!

When and Where:
Offered at the Ashburn Ice House in Ashburn, VA & The Kettler Capitals IcePlex in Arlington, VA. Students can participate in one or both locations.

8 weeks, June 19th-August 18th, 2017
AIH Blackouts: (July 3, 4, 5, 6,7)
KCI Blackouts (June 19 & 23)

The 2017 Summer Program Schedules

ColdRush 2017 Summer Ashburn Block Schedule
To view the Ashburn Block Schedule click on the words “2017 Summer Ashburn Schedule”above.

ColdRush Summer 2017 Kettler Block Schedules
To view the Arlington Block Schedule click on the words “ColdRush Summer 2017 Kettler Block Schedule” above. 

Class Descriptions:
Click here for the PDF version of Class Descriptions:
 ColdRush Summer Class Descriptions

SKATING-Our signature class… correct technique taught and expected, even while skaters participate in full speed, kinetically complicated, effective skating drills.

SKILLS– Focus on shooting, passing, battling, positions… and all things hockey.

S&S– Skating and skills are either taught either half and half each week (S&S 50/50) , or on alternating weeks, skating one week and skills the next (S&S ALT), offering complete training for our house, select, and developing hockey players.

TOTAL IMMERSION (new!)– Single skill, in-depth immersion drop-in electives for travel players that want to learn more about the skills that matter most to them. (detailed schedule coming soon!)

*****Skaters may mix and match their classes and rinks to personalize their ColdRush summer program experience! (House/Select players have fewer options for additional weekly classes than our travel students, but the house and select classes include BOTH skating and skills for a complete training experience.)

2017 Summer Rates:
(Classes are 55-60 minutes)
Unlimited- $595

12 sessions- $565
10 sessions- $500
8 sessions- $415

6 sessions- $330
4 sessions- $240
Single/add-on session- $75

Answer to a common question about this program:
If there are only 8 weeks of The ColdRush Summer Program, how do the 10, 12, and “UNLIMITED” options work?
The 10, 12, and Unlimited program options are primarily for our travel students. At the Ashburn Ice House we offer 1 skating class AND 1 skills class every week for travel level players.  Additionally, at both rinks we offer our new TOTAL IMMERSION sessions on Fridays, where the skills will change and the instruction goes DEEP on single skills which change weekly. That means that a travel player at the Ashburn Ice House could skate 3 days per week for 8 weeks, or 24 times! Our Kettler travel players have the option to skate twice a week in Arlington, and could also take classes at the Ashburn Ice House as well!
The only catch is that ALL of the classes a student signs up for MUST be an EXACT MATCH for their playing level! (no exceptions) 

Although we do not offer two classes per week at either facility for our house/select students, these skaters are welcome to participate at both rinks if they would like to double up on their ice time. While our travel players have options for more classes,  house/select students have the benefit of receiving both skating AND hockey skills during their class time.



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