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Wendy Marco and her students have been the subject of many news stories from local papers, to the front page of the Washington Post Sports Section, to the NHL network!  Additionally, combining her background as a news reporter with her career as a hockey skating coach, Wendy Marco previously wrote a syndicated hockey skating column for several years.  We’re digging up the videos and articles that are floating around in cyber space… please check back as we add more content to the “ColdRush In The News” page!


About Wendy and her work with NHL players

Comcast SportsNet “Halpern: If something comes along I’ll jump on it” Aug 2014

Washington Post, Front Page Sports Story, 2011, “Halpern Gains a Step” 

 “Meet The Coach, Lock-Out Edition” 2013

John Erskine on working with Wendy, Washington Post, 2013

Washington Post, working with John Carlson, 2012 

Chimera, Carlson, and Beagle’s take on working on edges with Wendy Marco, 2013 

CSN, lockout gang down to four. October 2012:  

Sports media 101, July 11, 2012, Halpern’s new faster speed: 

Ashburn Woman Builds a Hockey Empire: Leesburg Today, 2011 


CapsCaps Redline- Forces of Hockey, Power and Speed – Wendy is a featured expert in this edition of the “Forces of Hockey” with “Professer Brower,” as her students demonstrate some speed fundamentals.

ColdRush Quoted

Arlington Magazine expose’ on parents and sports, 2012: “Parents Gone Wild”

Wendy Marco  “by line”

Contributing article to the International Skating Institute newsletter


Cool Stories about ColdRush coaches and their students…

The greatest pick-up game that ever happened in Washington: