SUPER-squirts & MIGHTY-mites!

SUPER-squirts & MIGHTY-mites! 

Based on our immensely popular Custom Elite camp…
It’s one week of training that’s
perfectly sized for hockey’s newest competitive players!


Focus on a different skill everyday!IMG_5693

MondayEXPLODE. Learn how to go really, really fast!!!

Tuesday REVERSEDo everything backwards!

WednesdayREACT. Transitions with & w/out the puck.

ThursdayATTACKGetting the puck in the net!

FridayDEFEND.  Keep their puck OUT of your net!

Hockey training for players born in 2007, 2008, 2009, or 2010 with AT LEAST one full year (Fall & Spring) of house or travel team experience. The ColdRush MIGHTYmites & SUPERsquirts Program is a pint-sized version of our wildly popular Custom Elite Camp. Each day features focused training on one specific hockey skill. We know our youngest athletes like to be in motion, so we keep the talking to a minimum and use drills that offer a kinetic learning experience. In other words… we teach our MIGHTYmites and SUPERsquirts new things while keeping them moving as much as possible. Our goal is to send them off the ice each day with new skills, sweaty, and smiling!!!

The drills are age appropriate and fun, but they are also physically demanding & technically difficult so EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED! Participants should be born between 2007 and 2010 (2011*) and have a full year of house league or equivalent playing experience.

*2011 players that have been rostered on a mite team since fall of 2016 may register. (We recommend that 2011 players who have not yet been on a team, or whose mite team experience is limited to Spring 2017, register instead for the Ashburn Ice House mini-mite camp.)

2017 Program Details:


Travel and Select Squirts
Travel and Select Mites
Squirts with at least one full year of house league experience
Mites with at least one full year of house league experience.

Skaters will be divided by level into small training groups.

Ashburn Ice House

July 24-28, 2017

Mon-Fri 5:05-6:20pm (70-min on ice daily)


Dream Big & Do Whatever It Takes. ~ColdRush