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To Become a Semi-private or Private Lesson Weekly Student:  

If you are contacting us to inquire about lessons, please click the “Become a Student” button.

When you sign up at the “Become a Student” link this is what happens:
*  Within 24 hours you receive an email message with all current openings.
*  If one of those openings is a match for your level and schedule you will be placed in that lesson, if not your student will be added to our time stamped wait list.
*  When lesson spots become available, ColdRush staff reviews the wait list and offers open spots to the next student in line that is a match for the opening before making that spot available to the public.
*  You will receive monthly lesson opening updates.
*  You will be notified when new camps, programs, and special events open for registration.

Become a Student


For All Other Inquiries:

To Get Lessons:  See Above!

General lesson questions:

ColdRush manager, Kimberly Harter:

ColdRush owner, Head Skating Coach, Wendy Marco:

Questions about payments:

To send a message to your instructor: 

To cancel your lesson: 

Lesson Cancellation


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